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Cowhide stools - practicality and comfort combined


Our leathers Nubuck and Passau are available in many new colours.


Leather for furniture, bags, accessories, shoes and equestrian sports – also available in small quantities 




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Samples                                                         NEW! Cowhides


Furniture leather, upholstery leather and many other types of high-quality leather – we are one of Germany’s leading suppliers in the skins and hides sector. Our customers include manufacturers of top-quality leather for the furniture, automotive and aviation industries, as well as furnishers, designers, interior decorators and upholsterers. We are a one-stop provider covering all aspects of the production process, from preparing the raw leather to semi-finishing and refining the finished leather for a range of trade partners in Europe. In addition to Europe, we also export our products to customers in Asia, Australia and the US.


Precision splitting conserves resources


Technically precise splitting allows both layers of the hide – the grain split and the flesh split – to be used.


Premium quality


We use only the very highest quality hides for our BayernLeder brand. Our tanning processes are carried out exclusively in accordance with the latest European environmental regulations.


More information and our corporate brochure can be downloaded from the following link.

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